The One With The Red : Plaid and Polka Dots

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Warm weather is finally HERE and I for one could not be more excited!! I’m so ready for summer dresses and open toes I don’t know what to do!! This is the last of my Spring-ish outfit posts so I wanted to hurry and get it up and out – after all its Memorial Day WEEKEND!! #SUMMERSUMMERSUMMERTIME  #SUMMERTIME

Blouse: Gap (this particular one is sold out, but they have great button ups like this and this and then Banana has amazing button ups as well like this and this – wait for one of their infamous 40% off sales though. Not worth shelling out $70 bucks); Skirt: Dorothy Perkins (old, but here are some cute alternatives here, and here); Shoes: Steve Madden (old, but if you like stacked heels try these)


The One With The Red Plaid and Polka Dots


The One With The Red Plaid and Polka Dots




The One With the Yellow Leather Jacket


Full Disclosure: This picture is not new. I have a few pics I took at the end of April before the weather started breaking but I still want to post them (so don’t clown me for a turtleneck in May – although with this topsy-turvy weather I probably could…) Anyway, I’m so funny about color combinations because I mostly hate black and anything together except white – however, I will wear Black and White with almost any color (or pattern). So black and red or black and yellow – no, but THIS outfit pictured – absolutely. I love big, wide-legged pants (I might do a look book of them, hmmm) and I love this little yellow leather jacket so much that I try to incorporate it in an outfit at least once-a-week!

Jacket: The Limited (old – cute moto version here); Top: Banana Republic (old and out of season, try these more seasonally appropriate versions here and here); Pants: Asos (also quite old (my bad) but here are a few variations that I love here and HERE!!).

Because the weather has changed I would suggest not wearing a jacket, but trying a cute yellow top instead like one of these: Here (with the stripes would be so cute) or Here or this cute patterned top here – and cap it off with these DOPE sandals that I am coveting for the summer HERE!


The One with All of the Leopard

Forty is the New FortyI love leopard print. It makes me feel just a wee bit naughty and scandalous while (if done right) maintaining all of my fab. This outfit was me stepping out a little. I would NEVER in a million years pair leopard print shoes with an *entire* leopard print outfit, but when I was pulling the outfit together the shoes kept calling me, lol. I tried them on and something about it just felt right. Now, when I looked back at the pics I have to admit it made me feel a little squeamish, but I figured “oh well” its done now. If I can be applauded in public I can be (constructively) criticized too, right? Part of what I want to do with this blog and with the Forty is the New Forty website in general is push boundaries and debunk stereotypes and preconceived notions about what it means to be of a certain age – or really ANY rules that feel restrictive. Yes, I may be getting kinda deep and I’m only talking about shoes, but you follow me in general don’t you? In any event, if you don’t like the shoes, let me know why? Do they just *not* work or are you just following old standby fashion rules?  How would you have styled this outfit? What shoe and hair choices? Would you have gone with a different top or skirt to break up the pattern? Talk to me. Let me know what’s on your mind. I’m curious! 😉


TopAsos (sold out) but here is one deeply discounted; Skirt: River Island (sold out) but here are a few cute options here and here: Shoes: Hella old. Like ancient. But I am COVETING these. They have been sold out in my size for months, but I know they are waiting for mama to come and bring them back on home; Coat: Also, quite old. A great camel coat is a staple for your wardrobe – cashmere if you can swing it – but a nice ole’ wool blend will do you just fine as long as it doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles. 😉 I love this one and this one and you might want to splurge and try this one.

The One with the White Fur

Forty is the New Forty The weather is changing and it’s almost time to put away the winter furs…but not. quite. yet. 😉

This was a fun shoot for me and my faux-tographer baby girl! I was channelling my inner 70’s glam diva and having a ball the whole time. These boots are my favorite! I had to stop myself from getting another pair in burgundy this winter because they are all things sexy and funky! The coat is faux, which of course is all the rage right now, but I’m not above the real stuff (sorry PETA) and plan on investing in a gorgeous piece at some point in the future. In the meantime I’ll enjoy my faux and keep tapping into my inner Diana, the boss that is.

Coat: Thrifted but here are some fun options here and here; Top: H&M (old) but both of these here and here are pretty cool; Leggings: Zara (MY FAVORITE IN THE WHOLE WORLD <—- did you get that? My absolute FAVORITES.); Boots: Zara (old) and I honestly can’t find anything similar enough to recommend except maybe these. There will likely be more out in the Fall. I’ll keep y’all posted. Clutch Bag: Karma Soul (old) Karma is an amazing designer! She makes jewelry and handbags among other things and she is the sweetest person ever. You can also contact her here to ask questions about special orders or handbags.

P.S. I’ve had a few inquiries about my braids. The sister that does my hair is local (Philadelphia), reasonable and does amazing work. If you’re interested leave a message in the comments.



Look Book: It’s Spring! And My Game Just Rewinds. (April)

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It’s finally (FINALLY) starting to feel like Spring around these parts. After a long, wintery-winter and an equally wintery “Sprinter” I am so glad to be pulling out the skirts and dresses and lighter jackets! I have love for every season (although Fall is my favorite) Spring runs neck and neck. It feels like the “girliest” season if that makes sense…  Click Here For LOOK BOOK

The One with the Lime Skirt & Fur

LimePeplum2These are actually from a few weeks ago. I wasn’t going to post them because the weather was starting to change – but then…20 degrees so.

I got this skirt a while back from asos in lime (and black – because I’m obsessive like that) and loved it so much I wanted to find a reason to dress up and wear it every day. The fur coat is a funky vintage find. I’m not gonna make you mad and tell you how much I paid (ok, I lied $30!!!!) but it would be worth so much more just for the lining and heavy, metal buttons alone. There is some shopping information below, but not much, I apologize.

(faux-tographer: Kaia Burke)

Coat: Vintage (similar-ish here and here); Blouse: Asos (sold out, but this is similar); Skirt: Asos (also sold out, but it also comes in this SICK black and white and this pink – be warned that these skirts are made of neoprene it looks fly, but it doesn’t give very much. I bought the pink and returned it, its really a faded, dusty rose); Shoes: Zara (old – but in case you want to invest in a pair of patent leather stilettos – and you should – try one of these: here or here or here)

The One with the Green Vintage Bag

BluePlaidCoat6Okay, so this is one of my favorite photo shoots EVER! My daughter, who is my faux-tographer, got really creative with this one and we had a ball in the freezing cold. The (empty) bag in my hand is one of my prized possessions from my European vacation last summer. I found it at a small, vintage shop in Rome on the last leg of the trip. I was broke and weary from over-shopping, but the shop owner and her friends were like an Italian version of the SATC crew and I ended up having a ball with them and leaving with a genuine leather, vintage, carry-all bag worth every bit of 300 euros for – 40 euros!! I saw the bag and fell in love. I asked how much and she said 300 euros to which I replied with a sad face. I fawned over the bag for about 30 minutes more and went on about my business. The next day as we passed the store again it began to rain so my baby girl and I went in to seek temporary refuge and I began to chat with the owner and her same two friends who were there the day before. They told me (in their limited English)  that they meet there everyday at the same time to talk ‘ish’ and drink wine – and then they asked me to join them! I ended up staying for hours and sending my kid back to the hotel (around the corner), but before she left Katarina, the owner said, “I want you to have this bag bc you love it so much – name your price!” I didn’t know what to say and her girl said, it’s your 40th birthday trip – 40 euros! Everyone cheered on this idea so much that I had to say yes. Turns out I only had 20 euros in my pocket – her friend put in the other 20 under the condition that I finish the bottle of wine with them and I used every one of my Italian words: Vino? Ci! Grazie! Bella! 😉

Jacket: H&M (old, but similar here); Sweater: She Inside; Skirt: Dorothy Perkins (sold out but this and this are both cute color block options) Shoes: BCBG (old, but I hope you have a good variety of nude/beige/tan pumps in your collection. If not try one of these: Here, Here or Here); Bracelet: Banana Republic; Sunglasses: Old Navy (in store only).

P.S. Here is a picture of my Italian chicas!


The One with the Metallics

Mettalics2*singing* “Silver and Gold….silver and gold…I’d rather have Jesus…than Silver and Gold…”

Okay, that may or may not be inappropriate. I have a terrible barometer for that when it comes to funny. Funny wins.

Anyway, people always ask me about wearing silver and gold together because I have a set of silver bangles that I never take off and I often accessorize with gold costume jewelry. My canned answer is “so what.” Just like wearing white after labor day and matching your purse and shoes, I don’t subscribe to most “fashion rules” and this is certainly one of them. I saw these funky boots on Zara’s website and fell in love. My kid says they space-aged, but again, I don’t care. I LOVE them. Here’s the run down for the rest of the outfit.

Pants: Gap (old, but similar here and here); Blouse: J. Crew; Sweatshirt: J. Crew; Boots: Zara (sold out but these are so funky to me and if you want to splurge these are hot business as well.); Tote bag: Zara (also, sold out, but there are so many cute options, like this and this and (since we’re talking about metallics) this!); Bracelet: Banana Republic (old, but this is similar); Necklace: (old, but similar here); Sunglasses: Old Navy (in store).


The One with the Army Green


I can’t even hold y’all up. It’s hard to keep it ‘chic’ in this weather. It’s messing with my style chi (yes that’s a thing). This sweater is one of the highlights of my winter though! I could wear it EVERY DAY if the powers that be didn’t frown upon that sort of thing. It’s so comfortable. Also, I should make a disclaimer – this jacket is not mine. It is my sixteen year old daughter’s coat. I bought it for her and as soon as it came I wanted one, but it was sold out (whomp, whomp) so now I ‘borrow’ it from her from time to time. Also, these olive green faux leather pants were $10 from H&M. I just wanted to say that. #carryon

Jacket: Asos (similar here and here); Sweater: H&M (sadly it’s sold out but this is similar and really cute); Pants: H&M (sold out, but there are a ton of options online: try these and these for starters); Shoes: Zara (sold out too, these and these are really similar)



Look Book: Valentines Day (February)

Valentine Dreamin

Every winter, right smack in the middle of cuffing season a good portion of the country goes sappy in celebration of Valentine’s Day. I have never been  a big celebrator but as the saying goes, “when in Rome…” In honor of this specious holiday, I have put together a little look book with outfit ideas for those making big plans for the week or weekend. There is something for every personality: Cutsey, Daring, Funky, Traditional and Sexy. Dig in!

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