Look Book: Valentine’s Day (February)

Valentine Dreamin

Every winter, right smack in the middle of cuffing season a good portion of the country goes sappy in celebration of Valentine’s Day. I have never been  a big celebrator but as the saying goes, “when in Rome…” In honor of this specious holiday, I have put together a little look book with outfit ideas for those making big plans for the week or weekend or for those who just want to bask in the romance of it all (*deep sigh*). There is something for every personality: Cutsey, Daring, Funky, Traditional and Sexy. Dig in.

[Looks 1 and 2] (Cutesy) Sweater: H&M (sold out but similar here and here); Pants: Gap (old – but similar here); Shoes: Urban Outfitter (these are kinda similar and I love these); Purse: Vintage (this one is cute and affordable or you could splurge on this)

[Looks 3 and 4] (Leopard & Leather) Sweater: Zara  (old, but try this one or this one); Top: Arden B (don’t judge me – it was $10, also this is the closest I could find similar); Leather skirt: Vintage; Shoes: Mason, Martin, Margiela for H&M (old)

[Looks 5 and 6] (Rocker chic) Jacket: Gap (this is kinda cute and this one is similar if you want to splurge); Long Sleeved Tee: Gap; Pants: Gap (really old, but they have something similar in blue and also try these); Shoes: Zara (old – but these are so cute and so are these)

[Looks 7 and 8] (Traditional Red) Blouse: Vintage (I had a hard time finding this one. Couldn’t find anything close online, sorry y’all.); Pants: Gap (old too – but these are cute and I like these too!): Gold booties: River Island (on sale now!)

[Look 9 and 10] (sexy) Dress: Onion by Whitney Mero(This dress is old, but if you want sexy you need to start at Onion. Period.); Jacket: Asos (old): Shoes: Nine West (different shoe style but similar color – these are killer)


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